Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meetings by Justin Steele

            This past Friday we closed the doors and hung up the phones a little early so that we could have an end of the month meeting.  Everyone here at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton works very hard but they also knows how to have a good time and actually enjoys being around each other. These meetings are some of my favorite times at work.  There is always a purpose to the meetings (this time it was bonuses) which is nice. However, my favorite part sitting back with everyone and telling stories, jokes and just having a good time.
            In my opinion, it’s a rare thing that staff in an office is willing to stay past five on a Friday for anything, much less an informal meeting.  The fact that the majority of the staff was here and laughing along until past six is a good indicator of what a fun place to work this is.  Prior to becoming a law clerk, I always assumed that law offices were the types of places where everyone was very upset and no one liked each other.  I guess, somewhat juvenilely, I expected something similar to Scrooge’s office in A Christmas Carol, maybe without the ghosts. By working here, I got the exact opposite.  Normally, everyone is in a good mood and, even though they are working hard and getting a lot done for a lot of clients, they have time to tell a good story or make a joke.
            I feel very fortunate that I get to work at an office with such fine, hardworking, and interesting people.

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