Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Want to Become a Law Clerk’s Best Friend? Get Organized

The amount of paperwork that comes through a divorce attorney’s office can be mind-boggling.  On a daily basis I am shuffling through credit card statements, retirement account balances, and parenting calendars.  I thought I was going to need to head to Costco and invest in Band-Aids after all of the paper cuts I endured my first week clerking.  If you are about to become involved litigation, my advice to you is get organized. 

The amount of information involved in a divorce case can be overwhelming, but there are a few simple things you can do that can turn a messy stack of papers into documents that greatly assist your attorney.  Put your documents into chronological order.  This will make the documents easier to go through plus you will be able to spot if you are missing any documents.  Having the complete picture is very important.  Rubber bands and binder clips can also be helpful.  Try not to staple too many things because it is likely that your attorney’s office will want to copy or scan the document.   Try not to write on any originals.  If you want to leave a note for your attorney always write it on a Post-It note and attach it to the document.  It may also be helpful to set aside a day to sit down and gather the contact information of everyone and every company that may be involved in your case.  Tracking down companies that handle your retirement accounts can be harder than you think. 

Many aspects of your life can improve with just a little organization and litigation is no different.  Spend some time get organized before your next trip to your attorney’s office. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice: on Parenting Issues in Tennessee

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice discusses the importance of not involving children in the divorce process. He recommends still parenting together by emphasizing each parents' love for their children and by not criticizing the other spouse in front of the children. Larry Rice also addresses the main components and faults of the Child Support Worksheet in Tennessee. He concludes by reiterating his point to parent together and to not talk badly about the other spouse.To view the entire video, follow the link below:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Practical Learning Experiences

With school looming in front of me (it begins Monday), I reflect on how much I have learned working at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC.  I have only been with the firm for a month, but already have a much clearer picture of the practice of family law.   I also have a better understanding of the practical side of the law, and what it means to really practice.  Granted, law school has taught me the book side of the legal profession, and this has helped me a great deal.  However, there are many things that school cannot teach.   In law school, we learn broad concepts of law.  In real life, I have learned the statutes and code provisions I will use every day in a courthouse.  Working as part of a firm also teaches valuable organizational skills, drafting ability, and a social awareness of the legal community.  Mr. Larry Rice takes time out of his day to teach his law clerks about the hands on practice of law.  For this I am very grateful!   It is one thing to read in a book how to present an uncontested divorce in court.  It is quite another to watch it happen in a courtroom and have your boss explain to you the mechanics of what just took place.  I wish that every law student could have the real life experience that I have had; in fact I think it should be a requirement for graduating law school.  This ‘clerk education’ is an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice: on Marital Dissolution Agreements in Tennessee

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice discusses how spouses should approach negotiating before signing the Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA). He explains the complexity of the MDA and advises couples to seek counsel when it is time to draft the MDA. Larry Rice also suggests the appropriate setting for a successful negotiation between spouses before signing the Marital Dissolution Agreement.To view the entire video, please follow the link below:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice: on Legal Separation and Annulment in Tennessee

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice defines legal separation and annulment. He explains that couples usually resort to legal separation because they are avoiding accepting the fact that the marriage is over and they need a divorce. However, under rare circumstances legal separation can be a good thing. Larry Rice also discusses annulments and describes them as alternatives to divorce when you find that the marriage was void from the beginning.

To view the entire video, follow the link below:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten

"Always Remembered, Never Forgotten"

It says something about Mr. Rice and his team when young law clerks grow older, graduate from law school, pass the bar, and take on legal careers of their own... yet they take the time to remember and appreciate how important their experiences at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton, PLLC were to them.

It is obvious that Mr. Rice holds a memorable spot in his law clerks hearts. The Rice team recently received a special gift from a past clerk, Mr. Sam Byrd. Mr. Byrd is now a practicing attorney in Chattanooga, TN.

This issue is particularly relevant to me, since clerking for Mr. Rice has been my first real experience in the legal world. I have gained tremendous real world knowledge and experience working as a law clerk for Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC, and no matter where my legal career takes me, I will always be grateful to the members of the Rice team who taught me so much as a young law clerk.

So as a reminder to those who are gaining legal experience for the first time, never forget those who taught you so much (or their favorite liquor).   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice: on Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Attorney Larry Rice discusses the various legal grounds for divorce including, but not limited to, adultery, habitual abuse of alcohol or narcotics, living separately for more than two years, willful or malicious desertion, conviction of a felony, bigamy, and inappropriate marital conduct, which is the most common ground for divorce. He also defines fault and no-fault divorces, explaining the differences between the two types.To view the entire video, please follow the link below: