Tuesday, August 27, 2013


At law schools around the country, students are teased and ridiculed for their OCD ridden personalities and particular preferences regarding all things in life. Whether it be a detailed highlighting scheme for case briefing, color coding class notes, color coding planners, tabbing law books, or perfectly organizing outlines, the attention to detail (and overuse of post-it notes and highlighters) displayed by most law students is quite a (colorful) sight to see. From the outside looking in, and even to the geniuses on the inside who do not need organizational tools to get them from task to task, this level of organization may seem extreme and like a waste of time and resources; however, if I have learned one thing from my six months of clerking at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, is that as a law student or as an attorney, you can NEVER be too organized. Here at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, being organized is synonymous with being professional. Regardless of the setting, whether it be meeting with a judge, client, or clerk, attending mediation or a trial, Larry Rice’s team has an organizational method to match. Not only does having all the paperwork organized in an easy to find manner make for an efficient use of time for us, it makes it easier for the Judge as well. On an office-wide scale, having organizational methods in place keeps the storage of files and preparation for meetings, meditations, trials, etc. easier because everyone works in a streamlined and consistent fashion. A little work completed on the front end can mean saving time, money, and frustration on the back end- and thankfully for me (and all the other color coding crazies in the world), the legal profession is one in which being an OCD and ultra-organized person pays off. Written By Law Clerk Courtney Sharp

Monday, August 26, 2013

Larry Rice On Discovery

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice discusses the stressful components of the discovery process when going through a divorce. He elaborates on the rules of discovery and the challenges both the attorneys and clients face when preparing the discovery.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Domestic Violence in Tennessee

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice discusses the twists and turns of abusive relationships and the vicious cycle that couples in violent relationships become caught in. He also discusses the effects of spousal abuse on children and how the parent can take initiative and get out of the situation before the effects on the children and family escalate. To view the complete video, please follow the link below:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Social Media

A generation ago, when something good happened, people’s first instinct was to find a telephone (usually attached to their wall or at least attached to a cord of some kind) and call up those closest to them to give them the good news. For those not lucky enough to warrant long-distance charges at the time, this good news might be conveyed to them through a Christmas letter that they received in the mail via the U.S. Postal Service. Today when something important happens it is only a moment usually before it is posted onto some social media site, most commonly Facebook, and everyone you know, and many you do not know, are apprised of what is happening in your life. In this age of instantaneous communication, it is important for attorneys and those in the legal profession to remember that the moment they hit send, what they wrote is out in the public forever. Innocent banter between a judge and attorney who are “friends” on Facebook can be construed as ex parte communication if it deals at all with the case they are both involved in. A moment of venting about a judge in a blog post can have ethics ramifications as well. Be sure when communicating via a social media site to remember that the Model Rules of Professional Behavior apply just as equally whether your communication is face to face or keyboard to keyboard.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Attorney Larry Rice discusses the various legal grounds for divorce including, but not limited to, adultery, habitual abuse of alcohol or narcotics, living separately for more than two years, willful or malicious desertion, conviction of a felony, bigamy, and inappropriate marital conduct, which is the most common ground for divorce. He also defines fault and no-fault divorces, explaining the differences between the two types.

Legal Seperation and Annulment

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice defines legal separation and annulment. He explains that couples usually resort to legal separation because they are avoiding accepting the fact that the marriage is over and they need a divorce. However, under rare circumstances legal separation can be a good thing. Larry Rice also discusses annulments and describes them as alternatives to divorce when you find that the marriage was void from the beginning.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pillar of the Memphis Legal Community, Judge Kay Spalding Robilio, Set to Retire at the End of This Month

Judge Kay Spalding Robilio was elected to the Thirtieth Circuit Court bench in 1990 and became the first woman in Shelby County elected to state court to serve a full term. Before her election to the bench in 1990, Judge Robilio served Shelby County as a law clerk, city prosecutor, and city court judge. Throughout her tenure, Judge Robilio consistently demonstrated her commitment to the legal community and to Shelby County residents as well. She would often allow interns of all ages to observe court room proceedings and made herself available to students and young attorneys alike for any questions they might have about the law. Judge Robilio also participated in a TV show, “Question of Law,” to help educate the public on common legal issues. Her willingness to share her knowledge and time are appreciated and valued by the Memphis community as a whole. Judge Robilio was committed to protecting the interests of all who stepped into her courtroom, and cared deeply about the citizens of Memphis. Her dedication to professionalism and leadership sets a strong example for the legal community to follow, and one they will not soon forget. We are thankful for Judge Robilio’s service to Shelby County and wish her the very best upon her retirement.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Parenting Issues

Memphis Divorce Attorney Larry Rice discusses the importance of not involving children in the divorce process. He recommends still parenting together by emphasizing each parents' love for their children and by not criticizing the other spouse in front of the children. Larry Rice also addresses the main components and faults of the Child Support Worksheet in Tennessee. He concludes by reiterating his point to parent together and to not talk badly about the other spouse.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Introduction to Divorce

Introduction to Divorce: Larry Rice discusses divorce, emotions and reasonableness. Explaining how the reasonable control of emotions makes the divorce process more efficient, more effective and less painful.