Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Interning at Rice, Amundsen and Caperton by Bo Murphy

           When I started working at Rice, Amundsen and Caperton, I honestly was clueless about how the inner workings of a law office functions, how cases travel through civil courts, or even how to start a law suit. Over the last several months I have not only learned these three important things I referred to, but so much more.
            One of the best advantages of interning at Rice Law is the fact that the attorneys and staff are invested in producing a more intelligent and workforce ready generation of attorneys. While the team at Rice Law makes sure that the interns are broken in properly, e.g. going to Starbucks and making a lot, lot, lot of copies, they also have a firm realization that the interns will be attorneys soon. The whole team sincerely cares about the summer interns learning how to function as an efficient attorney and officers of the court. After discussing this topic with my peers, I realize that I have had a rare opportunity to be exposed to a substantial amount of the legal field in just one summer. Not many interns have the opportunity to follow a case from the initial client conference through to the end, as I have been able to do this summer.   
            While I had the opportunity to intern this summer at larger firms, I am honestly glad that I chose to work at Rice, Amundsen and Caperton. The knowledge that I have gained, the people I have met, and the experiences I have lived by being a part of the Rice Team will stay with me and carry me much farther than just family law, it will strengthen my understanding of jurisprudence after graduation, no matter what legal field I enter after graduation.