Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Law Attorney Memphis

Memphis Divorce Lawyer

If you live in the Memphis area and need assistance with your legal issues the attorneys and staff at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton PLLC are here to help. If you need a parenting plan revised, see the team at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton PLLC. If you have decided that you want a divorce and need to know what to do next, see the team at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton PLLC. If you need someone to break into your ex-spouse’s home, do NOT see the team at Rice, Amundsen, & Caperton PLLC.

Recently, a divorce attorney in New Mexico entered a plea deal on four criminal counts including criminal trespassing, criminal damage to property and larceny. Raymond Van Arnam reportedly broke into the home of his client’s ex-husband. Video surveillance caught Arnam raiding the home and taking legal papers belonging to the ex-husband. You can check out the video
surveillance at

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The team at Rice, Amundsen & Caperton will go the extra mile to zealously represent you in your legal matter. As their client, you can be confident that the staff will do whatever it takes to assist you; however, we do have limits and are not going to break the law like Mr. Arnam.

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