Monday, November 29, 2010

NICK RICE Honored as a "Rising Star" for Innovative Work

Lawyers recognized as “rising stars” have generally been practicing for 10 years or less, but Nick Rice’s experience goes back further than that.

Photo: Lance Murphey

Rice is the third generation in his family to practice law, and he started his training at the age of 12, learning to research under his father’s tutelage.

“It started off with me getting to come in to work with my dad on the weekends,” Rice said. “He started teaching me how to do research, how to look up cases and how to look up statutes in the law library that they had in the firm at the time. When I got good enough, they started paying me. I’d get to do the research as the fun part, but my main task was all of the gofer work.”


Author: Susan Agee, The Daily News

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